Some of these dragonflies were caught, photographed, and released, to better show identifying details of face etc. 

Frosted Whiteface, Leucorrhinia frigida, Catoctin Mountains, Frederick Co. MD New for the state.
  Tandem pair of male Double-ringed Pennant with female Banded Pennant. They stayed together for several minutes,the female tapping the water as if laying eggs.
..Celithemis verna, Double-ringed Pennant
..Celithemis fasciata, Banded Pennant
Brachymesia furcata, Red-tailed Pennant

Celithemis bertha, Red-veined Pennant Celithemis bertha female, FL, Jun 1997

Celithemis eponina, Halloween Pennant  Maryland 2002

Celithemis ornata, Faded Pennant  male, FL, Jun1997

Celithemis verna, Double-ringed Pennant  
..Dythemis fugax, Checkered Setwing

....Dythemis nigrescens, Black Setwing female and changing male, May 2002 Sabal Palm Grove TX

Erythrodiplax umbrata Band-winged Dragonlet  
.... Leucorrhinia borealis, Boreal Whiteface

....Leucorrhinia glacialis, Crimson-ringed Whiteface  

..Leucorrhinia hudsonica, Hudsonian Whiteface
Leucorrhinia intacta, Dot-tailed Whiteface

Leucorrhinia glacialis, Crimson-ringed Whiteface  Big Heath, Acadia Aug 2002

....Libellula auripennis, Golden-winged Skimmer  
..Libellula axilena, Bar-winged Skimmer  

Libellula cyanea, Spangled Skimmer teneral Compare with Widow Skimmer below.

.. Libellula luctuosa, Widow Skimmer 

Libellula pulchella, Twelve-spotted Skimmer  teneral male

.. Libellula quadrimaculata, Four-spotted Skimmer

.... Libellula semifasciata, Painted Skimmer  Sugarloaf Mtn MD

teneral Libellula semifasciata, Painted Skimmer. Barely identifiable by the ghostly brown wing spots, orange venation, and abdominal pattern.

Libellula vibrans, Great Blue Skimmer recently emerged, Jun 2002

Libellula vibrans Great Blue Skimmer  female, laying eggs in flight, 

male Macrodiplax balteata Marl Pennant
   Macrothemis inacuta Straw-colored Sylph
..Micrathyria hagenii Thornbush Dasher  male and female, Santa Ana NWR TX. Compare female with female Blue Dasher below.
..Orthemis ferruginea, Roseate Skimmers, TX

Orthemis ferruginea, Roseate Skimmer  Howard Co MD, with Whitetail and Blue Dasher, Jul 1999

....Pachydiplax longipennis, Blue Dasher females  

..Perithemis domitia, Slough Amberwing
Perithemis tenera, Eastern Amberwing
Sympetrum corruptum, Variegated Meadowhawk

..Sympetrum costiferum, Stripe-winged Meadowhawk  newly emerged female, Seal Cove Pond, Acadia, Aug 2002

Sympetrum obtrusum, White-faced Meadowhawk
may be Sympetrum pallipes, Striped Meadowhawk

..Sympetrum semicinctum, Band-winged Meadowhawk  Breakneck Ponds Acadia, Jul 2000

Tramea calverti, Striped Glider May 2002 Sabal Palm Grove TX

Tramea carolina, Carolina Saddlebags  
....Tramea onusta, Red Saddlebags